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We at Catoosa Small Animal Hospital have always strived to be on the cutting edge of diagnostic medicine.  That is why we have been so excited with our ultrasound abilities in the hospital.  When Dr. Steve Weir and Dr. Bob Shoup were in school – back when they rode horses to class – ultrasound was only something that major institutions were starting to get.  Now, top hospitals use it regularly.  We have the latest high-quality equipment and have actually flown in one of the best radiologists in the country – Dr. Anne Bahr from Texas A & M – to train our doctors.  In short, it doesn’t matter how many thousands you spend on an ultrasound machine – if no one can use it properly and read the images correctly – it is pretty much worthless for you and us!  However, we are proud to say that our doctors have tremendous talent in the area of ultrasound.  In fact, we receive referrals from other veterinarians around the state to image their cases.  One of the great advantages of ultrasound imaging is that it is a “non-invasive” way to clearly see the various organs in the body – including the heart and everything in the abdomen.  Our machine is one of the higher level machines which allows us to even evaluate blood flow in various organs and blood pressure differences between the chambers of the heart.  This great technology has allowed us to make a diagnosis in cases that in the past required an exploratory surgery and we are very happy to be able to offer this to our clients.  We also are on a network of board certified radiologists that can evaluate any of our scans that we have questions about within the hour.  This allows us to start treatment immediately in cases that need it.

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