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Veterinary Surgery Dr. Steve fixing a broken leg. Be sure to check out the x-rays below!

The doctors at Catoosa Small Animal Hospital have tremendous surgical experience and expertise.  Dr. Steve Weir and Dr. Bob Shoup graduated over 30 years ago, and at the time they were in school, veterinary students received a tremendous surgical education with an abundance of surgical practice while in school.  Sadly, due to cost constraints and the recent blossoming of the so called “animal rights” movement, students graduating today get far less surgical experience and often have to refer any difficult surgeries to the vet school, board certified surgeons, or other veterinarians with more surgical experience. Catoosa Small Animal Hospital has become known as one of those practices that commonly sees difficult surgical referral cases – especially in the area of orthopedics.  Over the years we have commonly done difficult surgeries for various orthopedic conditions, heart & lung problems, larynx and palate, and virtually any abdominal surgical need.  In short, our hospital is equipped for virtually all of your pet’s surgical needs and we would gladly discuss any surgical cases with you.

Pet X Ray This is a preoperative radiograph of a comminuted midshaft tibial fracture in a young Blue Heeler.
Pet X Ray This is a post operative radiograph of the same dog after Dr. Steve placed a neutralization plate and 7 screws to stabilize the fracture.
Veterinary Surgery Dr. Bob surgically fixing the broken femur on the chihuahua.



Veterinary Surgery Dr. Steve and Lisa are finishing up fixing a torn ACL with meniscal damage with a new "tight rope" technique developed at the University of Missouri.
Catoosa Animal Hospital Here, Sam is pictured with a newborn puppy that was delivered via emergency Cesarean.
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