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Reproductive Services

Dr. Sarah is freezing semen on a champion Standard Schnauzer named "Cinch." By storing his semen in liquid nitrogen at -320 degrees, he can sire puppies long after he has passed away.

Many of our clients that raise purebred puppies are very interested in breeding only to the best males around.  This often requires the use of frozen or chilled semen that is shipped in via fed-ex when it is time for breeding.  We have sent veterinarians down to Texas A & M University to be trained by the best in this area of medicine.  We have the ability to not only implant frozen semen, but to collect and freeze semen to be used years down the road if your clients desire.  We also have become very up-to-date in various fertility problems that we can solve with various hormone studies, cultures, and other testing.  In short, if you are in the dog breeding business, we have the ability to meet all of your veterinary needs.

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