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As a hospital, each of our veterinarians does not practice in a vacuum.  We commonly consult one another on difficult cases to make sure that we never miss a thing.  It is a great asset to have four “brains” available for your furry friends when things are not so routine.  We also belong to the online service “VIN”–Veterinary Information Network – which is an online consortium of board certified veterinarians that will review any case that we post for them to look over.

We at Catoosa Small Animal Hospital are very proud of our level of medical expertise.  Between our 4 veterinarians we have over 80 years of veterinary medicine experience.  In short, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or can’t figure out.  We have made every effort to equip our hospital with the latest in diagnostic equipment such as digital radiology, ultrasound, in house laboratory, and fiber optics.  This puts the tools needed at our fingertips to diagnose those difficult cases that we see among our clientele, and also those we have referred to us from veterinarians around the state. 

Dr. Sarah and Beth are doing a yearly exam on one of our patients. This yearly check up is critical to make sure that your pet is staying healthy and up to date on vaccines and worm checks.
Dr. Bob and Sam are examining Ginger for any health problems.

  Dr. Steve is looking at a cytology slide from a tumor that he aspirated with a needle. 

This technique allows quick evaluation of "bumps" and lets us know if the bump is a tumor, cyst, or infection.  Fortunately for "Gonzo" this slide shows no cancer.

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