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In-house Lab

Lacey using our state of the art CBC machine. This instrument gives us a very accurate red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet count on your pet. It is invaluable in monitoring animals with severe disease processes.

For years when we needed blood work done on a pet there was a 24 – 36 hour wait between the blood draw and when the results were available. That was the best you could do for that time, however, things have changed!  In house laboratory equipment is available for those hospitals that want it and can afford to have it.  For us it was a “no brainer.”  When we have a critically ill patient we want the blood results yesterday!  That is why Catoosa Small Animal Hospital has invested in “in house” laboratory equipment that allows us to do any of the necessary tests needed in critically ill animals.  Doing our own blood work, urinalysis, and cultures allows us to start appropriate treatment immediately which can often mean the difference between life and death – especially in the critically ill animal.  The doctors at our hospital are pretty much “spoiled” with all they have available at their fingertips – which is good news for you and your furry friends.

Lisa is checking a fecal, looking for various parasites we find in your furry friends. Monthly preventative medication is very helpful in controlling these parasites - some of which are contagious to humans as well!
Penny is using our blood chemistry machine that gives us a host of information about liver function, kidney function, blood sugar levels, and many other things. This information is available in less than 10 minutes which has really spoiled us.
Dr. Steve, Lacey, and "Jed" are anxiously waiting to see if Jed's blood work is improving. Our i-STAT machine which measures electrolytes, kidney function, blood sugar, and blood gases tell us Jed is doing just fine!
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