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News - Expansion Complete






Our practice has grown due to all of the much appreciated word of mouth references we receive from our great clients. We have added a fifth veterinarian, and have expanded of our facilities. The expansion includes 4 additional exam rooms and kennel space. A huge new digital marquee to keep clients aware of what's happening at our clinic. These changes should cut down on waiting time and provide even better care of our patients. 

Story - Smudge the Miracle Kitten

Copied from the Facebook page of a Team Member


"At work we have this little kitten that was found on the street about a month back. We tried to get blood from her for a leukemia test and she fought restraint. Then she turned purple, had a seizure and almost passed out while we were holding her. We put her in a cage and decided to give her a few days then try again.

On the next Monday, we tried again. Almost the same thing happened, but we got some blood. No leukemia. Hooray! But we shot an x-ray and found she had a diaphragmatic hernia. Basically she had a hole in her diaphragm and her abdominal organs were sliding into her chest. We could have euthanized her, but a lot of us techs had gotten attached to her. Though she had her hernia, she was the sweetest little kitty. We named her Smudge. She played and did as much as she could. Then we made sure she rested when she wore herself out.

Our wonderful owner/doctor was willing to try and surgically fix her hernia once she got a little bigger. We knew she might not survive surgery or it may not be fixable and we'd have to euthanize her anyway. We loved on her and made her life as great as we could.

Last Monday she was starting to decline and Dr. Steve went ahead with surgery. It was touch-and-go but she survived surgery. We put her in an oxygen tank overnight so she'd have pure oxygen as her lungs were able to expand without her guts crowding them.

She lived and is a constant little joy for all of us at work. We play with her and spoil her rotten. Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. I am pretty sure we are going to keep her at work and turn her into a clinic cat.

Long story short, I love my job. I've never regretted being a vet tech. It's not always happy stories in my line of work, but it's my passion. And I know all my vet tech and DVM friends would agree."


Story - Saga of the "Methcat"


A "meth house" was found - the owners arrested - and a very very sick cat was brought in by the Wagoner County Sheriff for us to take care of.  "Meth Cat" was in very very poor condition.  He was dehydrated, the inside of his mouth and throat was so ulcerated and swollen that he could not even swallow.  His little tongue just hung out because of the pain.  As you can imagine our hearts went out to this little guy.  Our main concerns were:


1) Were his mouth problems related to chemical exposure or a more common problem in cats called "stomatitis?"

2) Did he have any of the "bad viruses" like feline leukemia virus or FIV?

3) What would the Sheriff's department let us do? Treat the cat? Would we have to put him to sleep?

4) Has he been exposed to meth?

5) Does "meth cat" have a name - no one likes the name "meth cat."


In short, we gave "meth cat" supportive care like fluids and treated his mouth issues with antibiotics and steroids.  We tested him for the "bad viruses" and thankfully he was negative - yea!  We collected blood, urine, and hair for testing if the Sheriff wants to.  Amazingly, "meth cat" purs incessantly as you pet him - even in all of his pain.


4/20 - "Meth cat" is doing better - with supportive care he has started eating and drinking on his own and able to maintain his hydration.  His mouth is looking alot better but is far from well.  He also has terrible dental disease which will require pulling most of his teeth if we can get release from the owners.


4/23 - We were able to have "meth cat tested" and he was positive in his blood and urine for methamphetamine exposure.  Levels were low and probably related to inhalation of the drug as his owners were "cooking" their dope.


4/25 -Great news!  The owners have signed off and we can do what we want with "meth cat" - also the next door neighbors of the drug house called and told us the cat's name was "Wombie!"


4/27 - We did more blood work to make sure Wombie's liver and kidneys were ok - which they were - and then anesthetized him to pull all of his teeth except his 4 K-9s and a few little incisors.  Hopefully this will help with his stomatitis.  We also got a biopsy of tissue from his pharynx to make sure none of this inflammation is "cancer" related - it really is one of the most serious cases of stomatitis that we have seen in 32 years.


4/28 - Wombie is acting great today - we are going to continue supportive care - try and get him healed up to make sure he is adoptable - and find him a good home.  Many of you have been asking about donating money for Wombie's care - expenses are over a $1,000 now and we would welcome any help from the public - but we are caring for him regardless!  He is such a friendly cat!  Thanks for your caring comments and support!


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