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  • Otto Kubecka (Tuesday, March 12 19 03:15 pm EDT)

    My one year old Mini-Doxie, Missy, tore the ACL in her right hind leg knee joint most likely from thinking she is Superdog jumping off high places. She was unable to put weight on this leg.
    This clinic and Dr. Steve were recommended to me by my regular vets at Family Animal in Owasso.
    Dr. Steve projected unwavering confidence in his ability to repair her leg. He did exactly that. The knee joint and incision have healed perfectly.
    While not an inexpensive procedure, it was much less than I was quoted in Tulsa.
    Anytime my baby needs more advanced care I will take her to Dr. Steve.

  • Elizabeth Jackson (Thursday, February 07 19 05:37 pm EST)

    Our family is so incredibly thankful for the kind and loving staff at the Catoosa Small Animal Hospital. Our sweet tabby cat of 11 years became very ill and the doctors and staff were so present in offering compassion, answering questions and providing timely options for his care. Ultimately, our sweet cat was laid to rest but the entire staff showed our family excellent care through the entire process. We are highly impressed! We wish for all medical professionals to be as present-minded and thoughtful as the staff at Catoosa Small Animal Hospital. Thank You!

  • Stephen L Spangle (Saturday, January 26 19 09:28 pm EST)

    This Veterinary clinic is without question among the finest you could ever visit and trust your family pets. The Dr's and staff constantly go the extra mile to get animals taken care of and keep owners sane. I have been a loyal patron for over forty years. I guess you could say I'm biased.

  • ROBIN FITZMORRIS (Sunday, November 12 17 10:26 pm EST)

    We started taking our fur babies to Dr. Shoup and Dr. Weir in the '80's, and are still using this outstanding veterinarian office. Wonderful, experienced care - and caring individuals. It's obvious, they love what they do.

  • Laura Ruiz (Friday, June 30 17 04:17 pm EDT)

    I've used CSAH for about 15 years and love them. Everyone is so kind and caring. I recently got my mom to start bringing her pets and she loves them too!

  • Melissa (Friday, October 21 16 09:24 pm EDT)

    This animal hospital is the best. The doctor's are very caring. They saved my baby Jose's life. I do not know what I would have done without them. There is so many great things to say about the
    doctor's and staff.

  • Thelma Collins (Wednesday, April 01 15 06:54 pm EDT)

    Nice to have someone close to home

  • Marie (Saturday, September 20 14 10:39 am EDT)

    They are the best. We travel 20 miles when we have four vets within 3 miles. Each vet is an expert and takes time to explain to us treatment for our pets so we know how to help our pets live long
    happy lives.

  • Candace Foster (Wednesday, May 21 14 10:05 pm EDT)

    This is the best vet I have ever been to. The quality of care is priceless. I have had the pleasure to see and meet almost everyone that works there and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to
    care for both of my girls. Thank you to everyone for being so kind, caring, flexible, professional, etc...!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Weber (Tuesday, February 18 14 04:59 pm EST)

    I have been bringing my animals to Catoosa Animal Hospital for 34 years. I started with Dr. Steve when he opened the clinic in 1980. Besides being a client of the clinic, I also worked there in the
    past for 5 years. I would not trade either experience. I know without a doubt, that my "babies" are being given the best care they could possibly have. I also know that, when I was employed
    the experience was very rewarding. Mostly, my animals are seen by Dr. Weir, but I would not hesitate to recommend either of the other doctors. The staff are all very professional. I live in Glenpool
    now but I would still drive to Catoosa for the health and well being of my animals.

  • Bryanna S. (Thursday, February 07 13 02:45 pm EST)

    I have bnever found a vet as caring as this. Dr. Laura will always call me to see how Rockie is doing; I love that! Even though Catoosa is a drive, it is totally worth it for such great customer
    service. Not only from Dr. Laura, but the staff as well!!! The assistants and Front Desk ladies are always so pleasent! Although, it is good to NOT visit the vet, I really appreciate knowing I will
    get quality care and answers . For as long as I live in Oklahoma, I will continue bringing my pet to Dr. Laura. She really is one ina million! I couldn't be happier! Thank you for all you do for my

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